Accommodations & Meals

Care of Meat

All hunters should bring binoculars, range finder, camouflauge clothing, comfortable boots, camera, and all of the rest of your usual hunting gear. Since Wyoming’s weather can be very unpredictable this time of year, you should bring clothing for warm and cold weather as well as rain gear.

All hunts include lodging in our beautiful ranch house, full guide service, home cooked meals, and plenty of fun and excitement. There are no hidden charges or trophy fees. Since 2007, our clients have enjoyed 100% success with both archery and rifle.

All hunters will stay in our cozy ranch house. This is just the place to be after a long day's hunt. A hot shower and comfortable bed will make your stay very relaxing. All bedding and towels are provided.

Your hunt package includes a continental style breakfast and sack lunches. Each evening, we will kick back to a nice home cooked meal for dinner.

It is best to field dress and skin out antelope as quickly as possible. Depending on your preference, we will quarter the animal or just debone them. The meat will then go in our freezer until you leave the ranch. We can also arrange to take the animal into the local processor.

Every hunter is responsible for taking their meat home. For clients that fly, your meat can be packed in a cooler to take with you on your flight. If you choose to not take your meat home, you are responsible for the processing fee of $100 - $125. Diamond Ranch Outfitters will then donate your processed meat to the local soup kitchen.

If you shoot an antelope you would like to mount, we will cape the head out and then freeze it. You can take it home to your own taxidermist, or we can arrange to take the animal to a local taxidermist. You should plan on bringing at least two good sized coolers.